Aquí tenéis los temas de nuestro primer EP cantado íntegramente en chino mandarín Chinese Works, esperamos que os guste! Podéis encontrar las letras de las canciones aquí

Here are the songs from our EP Chinese Works, sung in Chinese language, we hope you like them as much as we have enjoyed producing them. You can also find the lyrics here.


Vídeo 永远的初学者 (Eterno debutante / Everlasting Freshman)

我理解自己 - Como soy - As I Am

New song by GAS, with special collaboration from San Francisco based and yangqin virtuose Yangqin Zhao More info / 更多信息 / Rehearsals for GAS's new recording / 彩排气体的新记录 You can activate subtitles in different languages by pressing the button in the lower part of the player / 您可以在不同的语言的字幕,在播放器的下部通过按下按钮激活


Teaser 宇宙人 (Seres extraterrestres / Aliens)


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